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Your own Technical Manager
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VG Technical

We offer a truly unique service in the form of a part-time Technical Management.

Whatever your needs and resources are
From 3 days a week to 2 days a month!

No matter if you are a small chain of shops, restaurants, cafes, food retailer or a large scale food manufacturer, we will tailor our service to your needs for a very competitive price.

Dr Vesna Greaves & Andrew Greaves

Services We Provide


The UK government has now issued a new Guidance on Covid-19 for take-away businesses, in addition to the previous guidance for food businesses.

Now it is required, from each business to put in place the following:

  • Covid-19 Procedure
  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment
  • Covid-19 Checklist
  • Amend HACCP to include deliveries

In addition to these, the businesses which are not registered for deliveries and take-away (e.g. Factories, pubs etc.) can now register for a temporary take-away licence (Valid until March 2021) and the businesses which have been closed for a while require additional Legionella checks and water quality control measures.

you or any of your clients , need any assistance putting into place these Covid-19 policy and documentation, VG Technical team of experts, will be more than happy to assist.

Classroom Training

We provide on-site classroom training for the following:

  • Food safety level 2 (Retail and Manufacturing)
  • Food safety level 3
  • Health & Safety level 2
  • Health & Safety level 3
  • Due Diligence training
  • Fire Marshal training

Training is very competitively priced. We charge per session ranging from £150 to £500
We can also custom design an on-line training program for your company for a one off fee..

Food Safety and Health & Safety Auditing

Food Safety and Health and Safety Auditing is not just a legal requirement but also is often required by Accountants, Investors, insurers and other third parties.

The frequency is variable depending on the nature of your business, With most companies opting to have audits quarterly.
We will tailor the auditing program to your business specific needs. We won’t just provide you with a report we will also include comprehensive advice on how to rectify problems.

Food Safety Management programmes

BRC, SALSA, ISO 22000. We can produce an entirely new HACCP and QMS program for you or adjust and update the existing one. Either way our program will include all legal and global standards as well as all technological and scientific updates.

We can prepare you for your BRC, SALSA, ISO 22000 audit and certification.
We also provide an extensive supplier monitoring program and food technology and product specification advice.

Food Safety and Health & Safety Advice and Support

We can produce an entirely new HACCP and Risk Assessment program for you or adjust and update the existing one. Either way our program will include all legal and global standards as well as all technological and scientific updates. We also provide:

  • Updates on UK and EU law changes
  • Food Safety and Health & Safety Manuals
  • Risk Assessments
  • HACCP manual and supporting monitoring forms.
  • An extensive supplier monitoring program and food technology and product specification advice.
Fire risk assessments

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for any business on the UK, A Fire Risk Assessment should be completed every 2 years by a competent person. Often this is done by the same people who provide your fire services at an additional cost, This could lead to you buying services and equipment that you do not need.

By using our services there will be no conflict of interest. Due to our experience in the food industry we understand your needs better than the generic approach applied by many fire companies. Our prices are the lowest available.

On-line Training program

We can make you a customised on-line training program for your business with your own branding. The training will be specific to the unique processes in your business. Best of all unlike most on-line training you will only pay a one of payment and then use the training as many times as you like, You will not pay each time you use it.

Training can be conducted on a computer or a mobile device.

Nutrition and Health Claims

From superfood, detox, energiser vitamin boost, lean, skinny, gym aid to immunity enhancer, healthy bones and cholesterol reduction.
We can help you to market the nutritional and health benefits of your food within the law as the EU health food claims law begins to bite!

Health claims about nutrition are nothing new: an apple a day keeps the doctor away, eating carrots helps you see in the dark. However, write that on a bag of carrots these days and your local trading standards officer may instruct you to remove the words or even take you to court as the claim relating to vitamin A and night vision was not appropriately proven. That’s because health claims for nutrients in food and supplements are subject to strict EU regulations under guidelines decreed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This began a decade ago, then some beefed-up rules came into play in 2012. The objective was ‘to ensure that any claim made on a food’s labelling, presentation or advertising in the European Union is clear, accurate and based on scientific evidence’.
This protects the consumer and ‘promotes innovation and ensure fair competition’.
The rules apply whether the claims originate from the product label, your website or are written on the blackboard of your local juice bar or café.

Nutritional analyses & advice and allergens information

In addition to the nutritional calculation our qualified nutritionist will provide the diet and nutrition advice on the benefits of your food.
We provide the nutritional analyses in the following format

  • Full analyses
  • Emery +4
  • RDA % for the micronutrients

We provide the allergen declaration in the following forms:

  • Under ingredient list
  • Spreadsheet with 14 allergens

We provide the product labels for prefaced foods and food pre-packed for direct sales.

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